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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

America Ain't Britain

Some disturbing videos have been coming out of Britain over the past year in response to the Islamic element beginning to demand Shari'ah Law.

Pat Condell on Criminalizing Freedom of Speech by Islam (Oct 2009)

Below is a short video news cast from June 2010:

This is exactly what we here in America have been warned against.
"The principle source of Shari'ah is the Qur'an itself; the very core of the Shari'ah are the arkan ad-din, or the "five pillars of relgion," which prescribe all the rituals incumbent on a believer. There are, however, a plethora of social and ethical matters not covered in the Quranic revelations. For these, the Shari'ah bases its principles on the Sunnah of Muhammad. The Sunnah are the collected histories of the actions and words that Muhammad spoke outside of revelation; for the Shari'ah , the sayings of the prophet Muhammad (hadith) are the most vitally important aspect of the Sunnah. Still, the Qur'an and the Sunnah leave several social and ethical matters untouched; for these, the Shari'ah turns to the consensus (ijma') of the most religious and scholarly members of the community and to argument through analogy (qiyas), that is, by using established truths of the sacred law to come up with rules or judgements for matters not covered in the sacred law. These are the four principles of Shari'ah :the Qur'an , the Sunnah, consensus, and argument through analogy."-- Shari'ah, Sacred Law,by Richard Hooker, 1996
When the Muslim population in a host country is small, the Muslim leadership is willing to "play nice" and get along. As the population grows and Muslims begin to take leadership positions within the community, and then at the national level, they will begin to demand (note the word DEMAND) Shari'ah Law under the guise of wanting to follow their own law, intertwined with their religion in such a manner as to not allow it would be deemed a violation of a religious right.

In the video below, Anjem Choudary (Head of Islam4UK) explains what the future of Britain will be like under Shari'ah. There is NO COMPROMISE, there is NO TOLERANCE, there is NOTHING BUT SHARI'AH! This is how Britains will live, how the Queen will live. She will have to remove herself from Buckingham Palace and either convert to Islam or leave the country...HER OWN COUNTRY!

We in America know that happens in Britain usually happens over here within a year or two. Will America see this Islamic trampling of our Constitution and our laws? Will we see some Muslim leader begin to tell us, we can either convert or leave our country, our homes, family farms handed down for generations, family businesses handed down since great-grandfather emigrated from Italy, France, Germany, Scotland and even Britain?

Yes, I think we will see this...hear this.

Already in parts of the country we are seeing the movements of the coming wave of demands, first locally and soon nationally.

* 2005 - "Muslim lore has it that dogs are impure, so pious Muslims often try to avoid the animals. In most circumstances, this does not present a problem in the West, but it can when seeing-eye dogs are involved, for they have legal rights of entry. Interestingly, the Council on American-Islamic Relations often rushes to the defense of Muslims behaving illegally." -- Muslim Taxi Drivers vs. Seeing-Eye Dogs by Daniel Pipes
[Note the story a few weeks ago about the 1st dog, BO being flown in his own jet to the family vacation spot....hmm?]

* 2006 - "...Minneapolis-St. Paul is concerned that its taxi service is deteriorating. Citing their religious beliefs, some Muslim taxi drivers from Somalia are refusing to transport customers carrying or suspected of carrying alcohol."--Airport Check-in: Fare refusals in Minnesota USA Today

*2008 -- "The Muslim Students Association (MSA), a national group, has formed a Muslim Accommodations Task Force (MATF) that now leads efforts to bring foot baths, halal food, and Muslim prayer rooms to schools everywhere. As of the summer of 2007, MSA announced that at least nine universities had set aside prayer rooms for Muslims only. At least 17 universities had installed footbaths for their Muslim students or were in the process of doing so." --Schools Accommodate Muslim Students, Education Reporter

And let's NOT forget what happened in 2009 at Fort Hood, Texas in the name of Allah, the God of Islam:
"Thursday's massacre was the worst mass killing ever to take place on a U.S. military base. A female civilian police officer identified as Kim Munley who shot Hasan was the one who stopped the spree. She survived, contrary to earlier reports that she had died." -- Suspected Fort Hood Shooter Was 'Calm' During Massacre, May Have Shouted 'God Is Great!', FOXNews.com
Maybe that massacre at Fort Hood was a test run. Maybe Islamic fanatics think, based on this and Obama's support for the Ground Zero Mosque in NYC, that America will be an easy target.

Just because there are pockets of demands and concessions throughout the north and just because Muslims (Islamic Fascist) have not been thrown out of the country (yet), do not think America will go quietly as Europe has.

The only way Islamic radicals will ever take over America is to continue to breed like pigs, and over take this nation with sheer numbers. But how many of their children will be converted to Christianity in the mean time?

And will Americans tolerate the beheading of children on this soil?

What? You didn't think the Islamic-fascist-radical-Antichrist-type "religion" would do such a thing as behead children? Take the blinders off and at least learn the enemy you are welcoming into your "homes".

Three 12-year-old Indonesian Christian schoolgirls were beheaded by Muslims for walking home from school, unattended by a male family member. Is this what you want in America? If we allow the religion of the Antichrist to become a powerful force within our borders, this is what you will have secured for your children and grandchildren.

The complete story and the video can be found at Bare Naked Islam

Women in America won the right to vote, the right to have credit in their own name, the right to equal pay for equal work, and many other liberties their counter parts around the world do not enjoy. By allowing the religion of Antichrist to demand Shari'ah Law in the USA, we will become partners with the enemy in the abuse of our daughters, mothers, sisters and wives.

Just this month, Time's cover was very hard for many of us to view, but we must see what we are allowing here in the greatest country in the world.

Thanks to Obama and Eric Holder's views on gun ownership, Americans bought every bullet and gun they could within the four months of Obama taking possession of the White House.

"...honest Americans buying enough guns to outfit the current active army’s of China and India...firearm purchases or sales in the USA with a record 1,529,635 background checks being performed in March of 2009. Firearm Sales Continue to Climb in March 2009." -- Update: USA Buys Enough Guns in 3 Months to Outfit the Entire Chinese and Indian Army, AmmoLand.com
America is not Britain, or Australia or any country where the individual citizenry are unarmed. We are armed and "to the teeth" as the saying goes.

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